Monday, 08 May 2017 15:56

hidden gem in Beveridge

THE Beveridge Community Hall committee is keen to ensure locals can recognise the benefits of such a community asset.
Currently under- utilised with only a few user groups such as the Beveridge Playgroup and a junior dance group currently using the facility ona weekly basis, the committee is keen for district residents to recognise the worth such a facility has for the community and promote its use.
“We are keen to see other community groups utilise the space whether it be weekly, monthly or quarterly,” vice president of the Beveridge Community Hall committee Hollie Prossor said.
“It is such a fantastic facility and it is such a waste for it not be utilised more. It’s a shame when you consider all the hard work that went into it with the majority of funds raised by the community over 10 years ago for it to be built when Beveridge was just a town with about 600 residents.