Monday, 10 July 2017 13:14

Saving Monument Hill

IN a bid to stop significant amounts of rubbish being dumped at Kilmore’s picturesque Monument Hill Reserve, bollards have been installed to stop access for unauthorised vehicles.
As part of the Monument Hill Reserve Management Plan, the bollards have been placed across the fire access tracks and are designed to stop unauthorised four-wheel drives and motorcycles entering the reserve.
Walkers, joggers, bike riders, and horse riders will still have access to the tracks.
The CFA supports the installation of the bollards and are able to remove them if emergency access is required.
Over the past two years, increasing amounts of rubbish has been dumped at Monument Hill, costing ratepayers thousands of dollars to remove.
Four-wheel drives and motorbikes are also causing significant erosion problems at the reserve, while the information shelter is regularly vandalised and the car parks are often filled with litter.