Monday, 10 July 2017 13:22

This is us

THE 2016 Census results reveals an interesting picture of Mitchell Shire and in many cases underpinning the predictions for growth and diversity – particularly in the southern part of the shire.

The Census counted 40,918 residents of Mitchell Shire on Census night, an increase of 5490 people since 2011.

Data shows that Mitchell’s growth at 13.41 per cent since the last census in 2011, exceeds that of the Victoria (8.07 per cent) and Australia (7.42 percent).

However, this year we did not rank as the fastest growing regions – possibly due to a growth slump in 2014/15. Surf Coast on the Bellarine Peninsula was the fastest growing, showing a population increase of 18.4 per cent since 2011.   

Mitchell, however, was well ahead of the larger regional centres of Bendigo (9.6 per cent) and Ballarat (8.6 per cent).  The 2021 census should prove interesting as in the past year Mitchell Shire has returned the highest regional growth rate in Victoria. Estimates have this growth to continue.

On the home front we paid a median price of $335,000 for a house and shopped at, or obtained services from, one of the 2831 businesses in the shire. We also drove one (or possibly more) of the 36,300 vehicles registered. There is an average of 2.1 vehicles per dwelling.

Not surprisingly, Wallan showed the greatest increase since the 2011 census, growing from a population of 12,189 to 15,176 on census night 2016. The Kilmore Broadford data shows an increase from 12,038 to 13,220 while Seymour saw a drop in population from 6518 to 6341.

In Mitchell it appears to be slightly cheaper to rent than to buy. We spent an average of $1148 renting per month in contrast to $1582 in mortgage repayments.