Monday, 17 July 2017 13:42

Back to the old school

A LOT can change in six years, especially for a young person between the age of 12 and 18. That’s what the young people of Broadford found out when they had Buddy Day last week.
When this year’s Grade 6 students first started at Broadford Primary School in prep, they were allocated a ‘Buddy’- a Grade 6 student who would look out for them and assist them in their first year of school.
Those Grade 6 buddies are now in year 12 at Broadford Secondary College and were reunited this week with their prep mates who are now in Grade 6.
There was great excitement as the Grade 6 students eagerly held up signs with their buddy’s names on them. Once they were reunited, there were lots of questions.
The Year 12s were very keen to hear about changes to their old school and the Grade 6 students loved hearing about what it’s like at secondary college.
A wonderful afternoon was had by all of the students as they were toured around the primary school, looking at new buildings and play areas and reminiscing about their teachers and the fun times they had.
The day proved to be an excellent transition experience to help students prepare for secondary college next year.