Monday, 24 July 2017 10:29

Care packages for our Diggers

EVERYBODY loves receiving a parcel in the post, but when you’ve been away from home for months deployed in the Middle East, a care package from your home country is even more special.
For the past few years the residents of Dianella in Kilmore, with the assistance of staff, volunteers and the Kilmore Wallan RSL, have donated their time and efforts to make Anzac packages for members of the defence force deployed overseas.
Twice a year, the residents led by Leisure Lifestyles Wellness Coordinators Mel Markey and Anne Hussey make up Anzac Day and Christmas care packages.
Weighing at two kilograms each, the packages contain a wide selection including fruit cake, Anzac biscuits, lifesavers, barley sugar, toothbrushes, deodorant, soap and sanitary products. The 30 packages sent for Anzac Day also included a couple of knitted blankets which had been made by the residents.
Ms Markey told the North Central Review that the residents enjoy making the packages for the soldiers.
“It’s an easy community activity. It’s something they (the residents) can do for someone else and with the assistance of the Kilmore Wallan RSL it brings another aspect of community,” Ms Markey said.
“Members of the RSL attend and we make an event of it. The residents are helping someone and it feels good and they’re keen to do it.