Monday, 31 July 2017 10:35

Whittlesea's worst footpaths

THE results of the recent WalkSpot survey are in with data showing a need for more footpaths and reduced speed limits in busy areas in Whittlesea.
The WalkSpot program asked residents to pinpoint walking paths or areas where they felt safe or unsafe as part of a statewide survey.
There were 94 submissions in the City of Whittlesea, with 41 unsafe spots and one safe spot identified.
The top five concerns reported on the unsafe spots were that there was no footpath, the traffic moving too fast and there were no pedestrian crossings in key areas.
Lack of street lighting also raised concern along with narrow, uneven or over crowded footpaths.
The top ten spots residents identified were Bridge Inn Road, Mernda near Gilson College - no footpaths; Ferres Boulevard and McDonalds Road Intersection at the South Morang Station - traffic light issues; Tesselaar Road, Wollert – poor footpath; John Ryan Drive, South Morang - poor footpath.
In other parts of the municipality footpaths came under fire in Findon Road, May Road, and the Danaher Drive development.
Mayor Ricky Kirkham said council had already identified many of these footpath issues and added them to its Missing Links footpath program.
The Missing Links program helps address the gaps in the footpath network due to the often disjointed rollout of urban development. Council has budgeted of $ 2.4M for Missing Links over the next 3 years.