Monday, 07 August 2017 11:09

CFA breakins continue

ANOTHER Country Fire Authority brigade station has been hit by thieves with Springfield Fire Brigade suffering a break in during the early hours of Monday, July 31.
Following on from the recent break in at Wandong’s fire station on Sunday, July 9, from what police can gather, the Springfield station was broken into at approximately 5.30am on Monday morning with the FCV vehicle stolen and rammed through the station roller door and then left damaged only two kilometres from the station.
A Ryobi 2000W generator and a Testo 870-1 thermal camera were items also stolen during the break in.
“The FCV has suffered significant panel damage as well as damage to the light bar and the top of the cab and there is extensive damage to one of the roller doors at the station,” brigade member Jamie Sheehan advised.
“We don’t understand why the vehicle was left such a short distance away but think it may have stalled due to frozen fuel or something like that as it makes no sense to go to all that trouble and cause that much damage to only go two kilometres.
“While as an organisation the CFA covers such losses where possible, it is really upsetting for the Brigade itself and the community who have worked hard to raise funds to purchase this equipment and that its replacement will now take funds away  frompurchasing additional equipment that could save lives.”
Anyone who may have seen anything suspicious in the area or heard of these stolen items should contact the Romsey Police or Macedon CI.