Monday, 14 August 2017 14:34

Blitz bags errant motorists

DOZENS of vehicles were checked during Operation Catch Can in Wallan last week – with some not so lucky to avoid a fine.
Victoria Police used automatic number plate recognition technology to identify unauthorised drivers and unregistered vehicles.
The operation involved a custom-fitted unmarked van and camera linked to a number plate information database.
The database alerted police involved in the operation of unauthorised drivers, such as those who were unlicensed or disqualified from driving, and with expired or defective registration.
Preliminary breath tests and random vehicle roadworthy checks were also carried out.
The camera van was placed at the Queens Street intersection and by the time a vehicle had travelled the 150 metres to the police check point, officers had the information on the vehicle and driver’s status.
Constable Christopher Mion, who was in charge of the operation, said that 10 defect vehicle notices were issued along with 19 Penalty notices for unregistered vehicles and unlicensed driving. Three drivers will be charged by summons to attend court for suspended driving