Monday, 21 August 2017 14:49

Super stars message

WHEN Samuel Johnson makes a promise, he will do anything to keep it!
One half of the famous Love Your Sister charity duo, Samuel visited St Mary’s Parish Primary in Whittlesea on Tuesday, August 15 with a very special message for all its students.
When his sister Connie was diagnosed with terminal cancer she made him promise to do something for her.
“She said to me you have to promise me that you will remind every mum in Australia to check her boobies, so no other kids lose their mums like my boys,” Samuel said.
“You see my sister has cancer. Cancer is an illness and even though we have some really good medicines, sometimes mum’s find out they have cancer too late.
“That is why I am here today. To make sure I get you all to talk to your mums about their boobies. It is the best way I can think of to make sure we can look after all the mums because they are just so important. The love us and they are the heart of our families and we don’t want to lose anymore.”
Samuel made the admission while addressing a school assembly that welcomed him for Crazy Sock Day, an initiative the school ran where each class had a sock they decorated and filled as best they could with gold coins for the Love Your Sister charity.
Samuel was magnetic in engaging with the children. He showed them his unicycle, spoke of his round Australia trip and also all about why he spends all his time raising funds and awareness for breast cancer research.