Monday, 21 August 2017 14:54

A drop in the ocean

FORMER ACK student Travis Sullivan and five friends will bearelay swim team crosiing the English Channel next week.
Now well- known and highly regarded for his work emanating from his Kilmore Wellness and Myotherapy Centre, Travis is a campaigner for brain tumour research and the Channel Hoppers are hopeful of raising money on their Everyday Hero page.
Travis’ mates in the team are Michael Clark (of Kilmore), Andrew Barber, Stuart barber, Anton Conzijnsen and Kate Sinclair.
I asked Travis to provide some information and he obliged with the following:
I have known Mick for 20 plus years and we used to swim together. He has a long history of 150+ open water swims including 24 Pier to Pub and Alcatraz to San Francisco. Mick is a Kilmore resident of 17 years along with his wife Jo who is a local child care worker and swim instructor and their three children Alastair (14) in year 8 at ACK who is an avid footballer with 85 games for KJFC, Emmett (12) another footballer with 70 games for KJFC and Annabel (9) who is in her third netball season with KNC.
Me -  I have been running the Kilmore Myotherapy/ Kilmore Wellness Centre now for 18 years and have recently moved back to Kilmore with my wife Tamie and three kids; Piper (11) who will be attending ACK next year. She is an avid netballer who has played at St Patrick’s for the past four years, Hamish (10) is in grade four at St Pat’s and plays footy for KJFC and Addison (8) who also plays netball and is in grade three at St Pat’s. All the kids love swimming and water skiing in the summer.

We have been training now since November 2016. Our team is scattered across the country so the only time we have been together in one race in Melbourne at Half Moon Bay (Black Rock) in February and our Cold Water Qualifying Camp in the gorgeous Wine Glass Bay Tasmania