Tuesday, 05 September 2017 08:49

Back to back premiers

THE Mitchell Majors number one team came away back to back Premiers on Saturday, September 2 in a six inning game against Doncaster, scoring 11 - 6.
Doncaster scored early with three runs in the top of the first innings. But the Majors answered the challenge with the top of the batting order - Jake Saxton, Michael Barnes, Jesse Sherman, Lockie Ruyter, Craig Gurnett and Anthony Stafford, scoring six runs altogether.
This gave the Majors the lead which they built on in the bottom of the fourth innings with an extra three runs from Barnes, Sherman and Ruyter, making the score 9 - 3.
Doncaster fought back in the top of the fifth innings, with three runs. However, this was met with an extra two runs from Benjamin Robinson and Saxton, bringing the score to 11- 6.
On the mound, it was just as impressive with Anthony Stafford, the starting pitcher, striking out three batters, leaving bases loaded and the Majors conceding only three runs in the first innings. Stafford came out pitching with purpose and determination in the second and three innings, holding Doncaster scoreless with three batters up and three batters out in both innings.
Lockie Ruyter, the closing pitcher, came in during the top of the fourth innings to get the remaining two outs and leaving two of Doncaster’s batters on base. In the sixth innings Ruyter threw an impressive nine pitches to dispatch three batters with Stafford playing his own bag in the last play of the day to seal the win.
After the game, Coach Lockie Ruyter congratulated and praised all the team for their level of commitment throughout the game, with each one playing a part in the Premiership victory.