Monday, 02 October 2017 13:10

Lions gift for Ambos

WALLAN’S ambulances will soon be fitted with vacuum immobilisations mattresses (vac mats) thanks to a $3200 donation from the Wandong-Wallan Lions Club.
Club president Geoff Clarke, members Karen Sheehan and Ron Howell (Leo the Lion) attended the Wallan branch last Tuesday, September 26 with Max and Ann Perry from the Wandong Bus and Coach company to present the cheque and 50 trauma teddies to the branch.
Presenting the cheque to Wallan for the vac mats, Geoff told the North Central Review that the Wandong-Wallan Lions Club existed in the community to provide support for the community.
“This is the station that has been very successful and people know us for a sausage sizzle but we wanted to show the community where their sausage sizzle funds are going,” he continued.
“These are the guys (paramedics) who are active in our community and making our community the community that it is. Local businesses got behind us and we were able to give a little bit more money.”
The Lion Trauma Teddies had been purchased thanks to a donation of $500 from Max and Ann and will be distributed among Wallan, Kilmore and Broadford branches.
“We saw a need in the area and Max as previous Lion president had done the trauma bears and we thought it was a worthy cause to reinstate,” Ann said.
Wallan Ambulance Station senior team manager Tim Clancy said the donation for the vac mats would certainly make a difference.
The vac mats aren’t standard issue Ambulance Victoria equipment, but the value of the equipment is recognised by paramedics. 
Tim explained that the mats primarily support spinal immobilisation. Offering optimum support, the mat moulds around the patient’s body and restricts movement which is important for the treatment of potential or confirmed spinal injuries.
Prior to the introduction of vac mats, patients with spinal injuries were placed on a rigid spine board.
In relation to the trauma teddies, Tim said they helped to break the barrier when arriving on a scene with children.
“The children don’t know us and it can also be very frightening for a child when we show up with our loud sirens. If you have a teddy in your hand when going in it helps with the introduction. And the teddies are just so fluffy and beautiful,” he said.
On behalf of Wallan and Kilmore stations Tim thanked everyone for their generous support.
“A very big thankyou to the Lions and Wandong Bus and Coach for their continued to support of Ambulance Victoria and the Wallan and Kilmore communities,” he said.