Monday, 09 October 2017 11:03

Safe seniors

WALLAN senior citizens have been left feeling empowered and confident following a Keeping Safe for Seniors event held at the Wallan Neighbourhood House last Thursday, October 5.
Held in conjunction with BRACE Self Defence and Victoria Police, the Neighbourhood House event was funded by the Mitchell Shire Council as part of the 2017 Victorian Seniors Festival.
The free program began with a presentation from Mitchell Shire Crime Prevention Officer, Leading Senior Constable (LSC) Wendy Willingham about safety and finished with a self-defence class from Ben Roarty from BRACE Self Defence.
The informative talk from LSC Willingham, which focused on personal and home safety, explained the necessity of security doors and good locks, as well as the importance of being aware of your surroundings. She also provided them with techniques on how to remove themselves from a situation if they feel unsafe.
Leading Senior Constable Willingham told the North Central Review that the free program was a good way for people to get know their local police and re-iterated that if residents see any suspicious activity they should report it directly to the police instead of posting it on social media.
“I think it’s good for residents get to know and feel comfortable with their local police and today is a way to supply tips on how people can stay safe,” she said.
Local resident, Mr Roarty then provided the group with advice on what they can do if they find themselves in a violent of life threatening situation.